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Welcome to kstewart_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing community dedicated to Kristen Stewart. If you choose to sign up, you'll participate in a series of challenges. After voting is over each week, at least one participant will be voted out until there is only one icon maker standing!

001. Join and Friend the community. If you haven't joined the community, your sign-up won't be accepted. You don't have to be a member to vote, however.
002. Sign up here at the sign-up post. Comment with your username. Then you'll be added to the participant's list.
003. Each week, a new challenge will be posted. You'll have 5 days to submit your icon to the challenge post. Icons must be at least 100x100 and under 40kb. Failure to submit an icon will disqualify you, unless you use a skip.
004. Each participant earns one skip automatically. If you would like another one, advertise this community somewhere on livejournal and comment here with your username and a link to the post. You will earn one extra skip. If you know you will be gone for a number of days and you're out of skips, just let me know in advance and we'll work something out.
005. Skips cannot be used on the first challenge or once we're down to the last few people. I will announce for which challenges skips can and cannot be used.
006. Challenges will go up on Mondays. Voting will be posted on Fridays (so you must submit your icon by Friday each week) and will end Saturday afternoons. This schedule is subject to change! Anyone (even non-members) can vote. Voters will comment to vote for what they think are the worst quality icons and also for their favorite icon.
007. You may not vote for your own icon, and you may not ask others to vote for your icon. You cannot post or use your icon ANYWHERE until after the voting results are announced.
008. At least one icon maker will be voted out each week. The participant(s) with the highest totals of negative total will be eliminated; the icon with the most positive total will win voter's choice. I will also select a mod's choice icon.
009. Please only participate if you are willing to deal with negative comments about your icons.

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Please comment on the most recent entry if you're interested in affiliating!

Last icon maker standing: selenespain
Second place: nyaza
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